365 Days In Colorado

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Childhood Remembrances

I saw these ducks waddling around in the snow and was thinking they should have gone south by now. 

It reminded me of a childhood story involving snow and birds. In the second or third grade, there was an epic blizzard in Colorado. The kind where you know you’re getting at least two days off school. 

I was really worried about the birds and what they would do in the cold. So I went to the garage and got some bird seed and microwaved the bird seed and some hot water in bowls for the birds. I put the water and bird seed on an ET-themed TV tray and went to take it outside. The tray tilted for me as I was pushing open our sliding glass door and I spilled both the bird seed and water. Unfortunately for me, I had actually boiled the water so when I went to remove my wet light blue sweatpants adorned with applique gum balls, a layer of skin literally peeled off with the sweat pants. Even more unfortunately, the applique gum balls didn’t also peel off.  

Since it was a blizzard, my mom and doctor decided to wait to bring me to the hospital. When I finally made it, they had to debride my second degree burn meaning scrub the holy hell out of it. And every day before I was allowed to play outside in all that snow, we’d have to debride the burn on my leg again.  

Laughingly, my mom pointed out to me that if any birds still around had actually drinken the water they would have burned their beaks off. Secretly, I also think my parents were sad that all those years of Ranger Rick subscriptions resulted in a child so clueless about how nature works. 

Nearly twenty years later, I still have the same traits. Lots of compassion, but seemingly lacking domesticity and common sense. 

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