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Little Things

I keep letting little things get the best of me. Today I checked my mail and the new exercise DVDs I ordered all said they were blank in my computer. Every. Single. One. Of. Them. Which I had been really looking forward to this silly DVD collection because I really don’t like the NoBo rec center and I have no desire to run again. THEN. I did go for a run (more of a walk) and when I was going past some guys playing basketball I heard one say, “Try not to get raped.” Which if you’re out at twilight is a very disconcerting thing to hear and pretty much ruined my time outside. 

Now I will send back those stupid DVDs, which took 11 days already to get here and won’t probably come for another 25 days. And the run jumpstarted my cough back up, which was finally going away. 


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