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Catching Up on Women Against Scurvy

I have a confession. There was a book club meeting of the Women Against Scurvy, and I didn’t read the book. It was long. I never got around to reading it. It was a slow start.  This might stand in another book clubs, but this shit gets you kicked out of Women Against Scurvy. How hard core is my book club? They met during the Boulder Flood to discuss the book. I did no such thing. So there will be no review of Cutting for Stone on this blog. But! I’ve read the rest of the books!

And the Mountains Echoed - Khaled Hosseini 

Loved it. My favorite book we’ve read so far in book club. Really interesting look at family and the consequences of the decisions we make. I read Kite Runner, and I loved it/hated it. The ending haunted me. This book didn’t leave me so fatigued. We also chose this one because Hosseini was speaking in Boulder, which was wonderful (minus the fact that it was hot as all get out in a non air-conditioned church). 

Snow Child - Eowyn Ivey 

I don’t think the rest of the book club loved it, but I liked it. Slow start but an interesting look at Alaska and life as a pioneer. The neat part is that it’s based on a Russian fairy tale so Lana recognized it as a story she had been told as a child. 

The Age of Miracles - Karen Thompson Walker

What happens when the earth changes its rotation? I liked the book because in many apocalyptic stories, the earth goes to hell in like 3 days. This is what happens if the earth slowly dies and made for an interesting read. Lame ending. 

We’ve Been Homeowners Exactly One Year Today

…but we don’t live in our house. 

We bought a place that was rented out and for a lot of various reasons, we’re just now starting on renovations. Plans were (finally!!!) approved by the city on Wednesday. We met with our contractor this morning and they’ve already demoed a lot of the first floor. It finally feels real. 

Here is what we’re doing:

  • Adding an extension for a family room off of the back of the house
  • Redoing the kitchen from start to finish
  • Turning the two bedrooms and bathroom on the first floor into a master suite and a very small office
  • Completely redoing the basement so it’s two bedrooms, a laundry room and another family room 
  • Redoing our deck
  • Adding central air (!!!!) and redoing the heating system

We have a lot to pick out, which is both fun and overwhelming. 

The before pictures:

The future dining room (we’re knocking down that wall so it’ll be a half wall and will have better flow into the kitchen). 

The kitchen. We’ll do new cabinets, new appliances and new countertops and add an island (if you want kitchen appliances, please let us know!) 

The second bedroom. We’re cutting it to a much smaller size so we can have a walk-in closet. 

Sunroom (Blinds are already gone but we’re not doing anything with it right now. I kinda hate the tile but it’ll work for now) 

The world’s largest and ugliest laundry room. The carpet is already gone from the Boulder flood. We’ll turn this into a second family room and do a much smaller and nicer laundry room. 

Obsession: Todd Reed Jewelry

In the somewhat out-of-my range category but I’m still super crazy about them is Todd Reed jewelry. I love the look of rough cut stones with hammered gold especially. And I am hoping that if I’m smart about my pennies, I can grab a piece or two in the not-too-distant future. My friend Liz works as a marketing manager there, so I got to tour the studio in Boulder and try on some of his works. Big love. 





Seriously right??? I love my jewelry big. If you get to Boulder, be sure to check out their studio but they also sell all across the country. 

Mission Eating Tour

Once I have seen the “must sees” of a city, I get laser focused on seeing the restaurants of a city. Over the summer, Vikas and I went to San Francisco for five days. And since so many of my friends live in San Francisco, I always see their foodgramming of their favorite picks in the Mission. Now, I should tell you as a child, my family once referred to me as the “garbage disposal.” If I were a calorie counter, I might be ashamed to tell you we had the cab wait for us outside Dynamo Donuts before we went to brunch. I’m not. So here are the places we hit up. 

While Vikas was working, I started my tour with Mission Chinese. With no shame, I tell you I was the first one there. It’s unmarked so I was wandering around like a lost tourist. I ordered some pastrami thing, and I still dream about it. Pot stickers too. 


Then I went and stood in line for a pastry at Tartine, which I got to go, so I could get salted caramel ice cream at Bi-rite. Ain’t no shame in that game. 



That night Vikas and I went to Delfinas Pizzeria, where I ordered a salad but definitely snagged a slice of his pizza. 


The next morning we were meeting Vikas’ friends at Craftsman & Wolves but we were sad to be missing out at Dynamo Donuts. So Vikas had the cab wait for us while we got Dynamo Donuts to go. Vikas didn’t realize that Craftsman & Wolves was a pastry place and not full-service brunch so we ended up going to Foreign Cinema for brunch. I got yogurt because I actually got a pastry at Craftsman because there was an egg baked into a muffin. Mind blown. (For reference, we both thought the donuts were disappointing when they were part of our picnic later.) 




(If you’re wondering if we did anything other than food, I also hit up the de Young, Golden Gate Park, Japantown, walked around the Mission, went shopping in Union Square, Golden Gate Park and went to the flower market.) 

Sunday was a bust because we ended up catching an earlier flight! Next time I want to try Outerlands, Manresa and Swan Oyster Depot. Any other suggestions?

Speaking of Chairs…

Planning a wedding is full of some really stupid ways to spend money. I am trying not to get caught up in the pointless spending of it all, but I really, really love over the top events. I mean…Vikas and I’s last party included a pony, a bunny and a professional photographer. The funny thing I really want for our wedding is chiavari chairs, the beautiful gold wooden chairs. 
Our venue, Rembrandt Yard, has a really affordable package for brown, wooden chairs. I hate those chairs with a crazy hatred. They are U G L Y for the look I am going for. If I were having a barn wedding, the wood chairs would be perfect. However, the cost for having chiavari chairs for 200 people would be $2,000. TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS. 
For that kind of money, I could get a Bottega Veneta bag. 

Or two round-trip tickets to Iceland. 
The heart wants what the heart wants, but it’s up the brain to remind us that excessive spending for one day is stupid. 

Obsessions: Blu Dot Real Good Copper Chair

Vikas and I bought our first real furniture for the house this weekend. I’ve been in love with the Blu Dot Copper Chair this past year, and they’re having a sale for 20% off, so bam…our first pieces of furniture. 

Both Vikas and I live in fairly small places and both of us respectively hate each other’s furniture, which leaves us with both a really long and expensive list. This is overwhelming to me because we both have really different tastes, we don’t currently live in our house and making mistakes will be costly. Buying something and needing to still like it 10 years later is kind of crazy to me. The good news is that I’m really good at sales. The rest of furniture buying? We’ll have to hope for the best.

Engagement Photos

We did our engagement photos with Rebecca Caridad of Manzanita photo. Rebecca is amazing. I had met her at blogger meetup and I am so glad I did. True story: I despise having my pictures taken, and I have thrown away every senior picture from high school that I could find. Knowing Rebecca made it so much less awkward for two people who met because they both had awkward blogs. Also, I have the world’s worst posture so I typically look so slouched over. We took the pictures in the backyard of the home that we’re renovating (hence, the power lines) and Chautauqua. 

In addition to being a photographer, she also does calligraphy too. She also used to run an Etsy store that made amazing crocheted headbands. She is definitely a Renaissance woman. 






DIY Painted Polka Dot Picnic Blanket

This morning I am over blogging at The Proper Pinwheel on how to create a DIY polka dot picnic blanket. I met Lexy at the awesome Eat Drink Create event she hosts alongside Erin of Art Social on a regular basis for Colorado bloggers. (My recap of the event.) 

If you’re not familiar with The Proper Pinwheel, you should definitely plan to spend at least two hours going through her blog with all of the awesome DIYs and parties she throws. How cute are the DIY Dipped Neon Pots? I am also crazy for the Hello Social she threw for Alt Summit!

Ultimately, I was so glad for a reason to picnic with Vikas. I’m not going to lie, several people walking by at Chautauqua commented on how awesome our spread was. = )